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Join Sandy Collier & Barbra Schulte for a Deep Dive Into Building  Confidence Through  Riding, Cow Work & Comaraderie at the ...

 Hello and Welcome!

This is Sandy Collier & Barbra Schulte.

We are excited you are here! We want to take a moment & give you a little background about how our work together came to be. 

We have led parallel lives via different routes ... Sandy in Working Cow Horse & Life Coaching and Barbra in Cutting & Personal Performance.  We're now so excited to come together to share our life's work & experiences with others.

We both know the incredible results of growing horsemanship & cow working skills hand-in-hand with mental strategies. This parallel approach has helped us achieve excellence in the arena for ourselves & for our students.

Also, we both have a passion for helping others develop a deeper partnership with a horse.
We love celebrating & exploring how our horses help us grow personally. This perhaps is the richest part of all. 

As we bring the technical, the mental & the personal growth pieces of riding all together in the privacy of a retreat, we are truly awed by the results.

The upcoming True Confidence Retreat at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield, California, April 17-19  will give you the opportunity to grow your confidence in and out of the arena ... explore your life's journey ... & share your wonderful, unique spirit with others ... as you share their stories, too.

We hope you can join us for this very special event.
Sandy and Barbra


During this 3-Day Retreat Focused on Growing Your Confidence, You Will ...

  • Understand What is Meant by True Confidence ... Feeling more confident on a horse has 3 elements ... technical skills ...  mental skills (concrete tools to call up when you need them) ... and a sense of personal peace about where you are right now and where you're going. We will dig deep into all three of these dimensions so you will leave feeling true confidence.
  • Become More Skilled Cutting a Cow Out of the Herd ... You will learn how to select cattle, position your horse for the cut and control a cow.
  • Gain More Accuracy, Control and Rhythm Working a Cow ... You will learn how to work a cow with correct form and a pretty rhythm as you read the cow and the situation. You will learn how to better control a cow for both cutting and/or boxing.
  •  Acquire the Mental Skills of World Class Athletes  ... You will develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body-emotion connection. Throughout all riding sessions you will practice and apply research-based, easy-to-learn mental and acting tools to call up confidence, calmness and authority at will ... in and out of the arena.
  • Become a Better Partner With Your Horse  ... You will acquire the critical technical skills of collection, guiding and moving your horse. You will understand how a horse learns and how to most effectively communicate with him so he is a willing, responsive and relaxed partner.
  • Align Your Most Deeply Held Personal Values With Your Riding and Life Choices ... You will leave with a deeper understanding of what you value most and what you really want in your riding and in your life. You will learn ways to align these values and desires to experience more peace within along with a quiet confidence.
  • Grow New Friendships ... You will have the opportunity to form precious relationships with other horse minded, caring women who too are on a similar journey at this time in their lives. Everyone (including Sandy and Barb!) will be looking forward to such a rare opportunity to spend 3 extraordinary days digging deep into learning about horses ... and sharing with friends.
  • Laugh a Lot ... Get ready for evenings with lots of laughter and lots of sweet moments.
V 6 True Confidence Retreat Dates
Monday - Wednesday
April 17-19
V6 Ranch
Parkfield, Ca.
Arrival: 9:00 AM Monday
Departure: Early Evening Wed


* Learn concrete tools to call up confidence at will (i.e., replace nerves with calmness in a moment)

* Feel truly at ease within by learning ways to overcome your fears and build courage

* Improve your ability to communicate with your horse, i.e., better seat, softer hands, smoother cueing with your legs and   feet

* Apply all you learn technically, mentally and personally to competitive and non-competitive situations alike

* Cut a cow out of the herd with accuracy and authority

* Control a cow while cutting or boxing

* Walk into any situation feeling calm, confident and in control

* Deepen your relationship with your horse

* Reflect on your life's journey ... where it is now and what you want to do moving forward

* Share magical moments with like minded women


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We hope you will join us!
Sandy and Barbra
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