Barbra Schulte & Sandy Collier Team Up to
Bring You a ONE OF A KIND CLINIC Focused on...  
~ Dramatically improve your ~
Herdwork, Cow Work, Horse Communicaton,
Mental & Showing Skills 
~For Riders who show in ~
Cutting, Working Cow Horse, SHOT  or Ranch Horse Versatility Events

 Hello and Welcome!

We have led parallel lives via different routes ... Barbra in Cutting & Personal Performance Coaching ... Sandy in Working Cow Horse & Life Coaching.  We are thrilled to come together to share our combined life's knowledge & our passion for coaching riders.

We both know the power of growing cow working & horse communication skills hand-in-hand with mental strategies. Whether you ride only cutting horses, or you are in a discipline in which you do boxing & down the fence classes, we can help you grow and then blend your technical skills with the mental skills of world class riders for amazing results.

Come ... ride with us ... advance your cattle & horse communication skills ... and learn to show with authority ... at this upcoming High Performance Clinic at Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas .

and Sandy

This Clinic Focused on High Performance Strategies for Cutting & Working Cow Horse, Will Help You ...

  • Make a Cut With Authority as you will learn how to see which cow to cut in a group of cattle, drive a cow, set up the cow, position your horse for the cut, control a cow and coordinate your hands and feet.
  • Work a Cow With Rhythm as you learn how to sit, use your feet, keep your position correct, control a cow, hold the line, navigate the ends correctly and know when to quit.
  • Acquire the Mental Skills of World Class Athletes  ... You will develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body-emotion connection. Throughout all riding sessions you will practice and apply research-based, easy-to-learn mental and acting tools to call up confidence, calmness and authority at will ... in any situation. This is what allows your technical skills to come to life in the show pen.
  • If You Compete in Boxing &/or Going Down the Fence, Become Skilled as you learn position, control, angles and techniques for different kinds of cattle as well as proper use of hands and feet.
  • Achieve Softness, Collection and Feel With Your Horse as you learn exercises to warm up your horse that develop guiding, steering, collection, patience and relaxation. 
  • About Sandy & Barb   Barbra and Sandy are both Honorees in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Barbra is an NCHA Open Derby Champion, 5/6 NCHA Open Superstakes Champion and a Certified Personal Performance Coach. Barbra lives in Brenham, Texas. Sandy is a NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion, AQHA World Champion and a Life Coach.  Sandy lives in Santa Maria, California.  



Beginner with some experience showing are welcome as well as skill levels up to advanced showing experiences. You will receive personal attention for your needs.  

Trainers/Coaches/Professionals seeking to improve their personal skills as well as acquire coaching methods for all topics are also welcome.


Must have significant training in cutting and/or working cow horse.



*Working Cow Horse

*Stock Horse of Texas

*Ranch Horse Versatility

High Performance
Clinic Circle T Arena
Hamilton, Tx.
Clinic Fee: $1095
Audit: $75 per day
Friday Afternoon, May 19
2:00 PM Start
In Depth Mental Skills Training Workshop
Lecture/Discussion/Workbook and Dinner at Circle T Hotel
Saturday - Sunday, May 20 & 21
2 Full Days of Riding  Itinerary: 
Saturday & Sunday MORNINGS:
One Session Each of Herdwork Exercises & Horse Warm up & Communication Exercises
Saturday & Sunday AFTERNOONS: Choose to Either Cut Out of the Herd or Box/Go Down the Fence (depending on your preference.)


"I just want to say how much I enjoy your and Sandy's clinic. I left with such great new information that tricles over into all I do. You two are a dynamic duo of teaching and encouragement." ~MU


"I want to share an experience that demonstrates my improvement with riding/showing.

I used Sandy's baseball diamond/steering exercise during my warm-up, did mental preparation and ... We made good cuts. I could think about the flow of the herd and stayed in good position.

As I rode out my first thought was - the clinic really helped me! Spending 3 days working and mentally practicing skills at the clinic singnificantly improved my riding." ~AP


"You are both are tremendous clinicians. The knowledge and techniques you presented at the clinic just added countless "layers"  to my learning curve.  I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to experience so much enjoyment and extraordinary wisdom."  ~BC


"Thank you so much for such an awesome clinic. I'm so excited, grateful and happy about what we got done ... I really admire what you can get done with every horse and rider ... and how many approaches you have for each problem." ~SB


"Wow!  The clinic was beyond fabulous!  ~DH

Sandy and Barbra